Duet for Sopranos and Helicopters


Duet for Sopranos and Helicopters was a temporary, airborne sound artwork designed by the artist. The work consisted of a rearrangement and recording of the iconic Icelandic Folk Song 'Vísur Vatnsenda-Rósu'.

The work was performed by Icelandic soprano's Signý Saemundsdóttir and Johanna Thorhallsdottir.

The recording of the finished sound work was then disseminated for the public using two helicopters with specifically modified public address systems.

The helicopters performed this choreographed sound work between the island of Videy and the city of Reykjavik on Thursday 25th May, in a fifteen-minute aerial performance.

This sound artwork was commissioned for the Site Ations, Sence in Place Project, Iceland 2006 and was also showcased as part of the Reykjavik International Arts Festival 2006.

Documentation of the performance can be viewed on YouTube at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iaa1EtJWRFA

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